what kind of bird are you?
I'm a macho womanizing stud who conquered the moon.

things that happened

  • jon and I filmed a lot of stuff for his documentary
  • we talked to a lot of people and the first person we talked to was scott c and I was his first drawing of the day
  • I saw a bunch of my friends at TCAF
  • We went to a panel for death machine Pictionary and I met Josiah and he drew me and that was really really cool of him!!
  • We saw Ryan North almost get pantsed when we were interviewing him
  • There was a lot more cool stuff that i can’t remember off hand but today was really good
  • We are also going to a roller derby game later
  • (◡‿◡✿)
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  1. theseakoala said: gaaahh i wanted to go so baadd sigh