what kind of bird are you?
I'm a macho womanizing stud who conquered the moon.

tell me to not spend my money on underwear u_u

I’m playing Wild World and omg i love Lobo


raven was friends with me when i unironically loved the big bang theory and thats incredible 



Help Silas pay for University


This project only has three hours left! Please consider donating to this non-binary youth in need of help! Signal boost it if you can’t! 

anxious and sad but i bought animal crossing wild world for transit commutes at least


i am 0% the person i was three years ago and i would probably get in a fight with 2011 me


"i’m an asshole, i don’t give a fuck about anyone, the world is an awful place and I’m super cynical"





Hey guys. As you all know, I’m starting University in a couple of days but I need some help. Me and my dad don’t make v much money and most of our money goes towards paying apartment rent, bills, food and other household necessities. For this semester, I owe 800$ which I need to pay by the end of September. I’d like to raise all 800$ by then, since emptying out my dad’s and my own bank account would be a bad idea. I also need help paying for the second semester, so in total, it all comes to 1600$.

If you can donate some money, that’d be great. I can also draw you something if you’d like. You can see more details on the kickstarter. Thanks! And if you can’t donate, pls signal boost.

Here’s the link.

My friend Emily announced she could also draw you something if you donate some money to me. You can see some of her art here.

I only have a few days left, pls reblog this since I’m still only at 11% and at this point, reaching 30% would be just fine since some friends I know in person have been chipping in money too.

I have about 29 hours left and I need 260$ more to make 30%. Pls keep this going around, it’s a scary feeling when you might not have enough of the money you need.